Season I

The Supreme Court Decision

The Provider's Perspective

The Employer's Perspective

The Consumer's Perspective

The Massachusetts Experiment

The ACO Model

Consumerism in Healthcare

The Wellness Solution

The Insurance Co's Perpective

Taxes and Healthcare Spending

The Insurance Exchange

Season II

Supreme Court Decision


Banner ACO

HDHP overview

PPCA Overview

H.S.A The Consumer’s Perspective

The Broker's Perspective

Tort Reform

Self-funding Healthcare

Provider Contracting

Healthcare Reform overview

To discuss healthcare information and reform in a non-political forum so that a viable solution can be reached more quickly that improves both access and affordability of healthcare in America 

We believe that the solutions to the healthcare dilemma in America center around adjustments to the whole system so that efficiency and competitive markets are created under which wiser, healthier, more motivated consumers can make informed decisions when shopping for healthcare services.

Season III

Overview show

AZ Exchange

ER Mandate Delay

HDHP Discussion

Consumer on Exchange

PrimaryCare Alternatives

** Disclaimer: The opinions expressed on On Air Healthcare are not necessarily the opinions of the show's sponsors or the radio station 

OnAirHealthcareis a radio show about answers to the healthcare dilemma in America. We discuss various views with our guests on healthcare and the delivery system currently in place in our country to determine why the system seems 'broken' from many perspectives. Discussions are centered around the current state of affairs, how we got here and whether the delivery system can be changed to improve access and affordability without a complete overhaul.
This is not a politically slanted show that focuses on either political party's perspective. OnAirhealthcare believes that improvements in the healthcare system can be made more constructively without legislation or government intervention. The discussion to decide just what changes need to be made will move forward more productively if we remove the polerizing points of view that are only politically motivated.